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Post Birth Offerings & Services

Each post birth journey has it’s own unique twists, turns and unforeseen obstacles. Each also offers a up a space of deep powerful transformative magic that can be tapped into.  Stepping forward into this space and the unknowns can be exciting, scary, exhausting and so much more. My offerings and services provide gentle guidance, support and nourishment in this post birth space and time.  Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions or if you would like to schedule a time to virtually meet each other and discuss your desires, needs and how I can support those.


placenta encapsulation

Consuming the placenta encourages re-balancing of hormones, stimulates milk production for breastfeeding, and assists in regulating moods in the first months after their baby is born. It is a custom that is centuries old and practiced most often in Chinese medicine. 

Each placenta is processed with love and care and includes prints, photos, a cord keepsake and support before and after birth for any questions that may arise.

​Contact me to learn more or inquire on availability.

post birth integration support

Offering guidance and support in the immediate post birth phase and beyond exploring everything from the practical details to the subtle energetics and overarching transformation that comes with each birth. Tap into your intuitive knowing and connect with yourselves and others in a way that allows for both expansion and grounding in deeper ways during this important phase in your life. 

These packages include support with weekly calls and voice message support (via Voxer or WhatsApp) anytime needed. In-person add-on services are available as well.


​Contact me to learn more or inquire on availability.

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elimination communication 

Elimination Communication is a stressless, gentle, non coercive style of pottying your baby or toddler. The relationship between the caregiver and child is based on observation, sign language, signaling, intuition when the child needs to void or eliminate waste. There is non judgement, no right or wrong way, and is self paced. An EC practice can start as a newborn, baby, or toddler.

Learn more and join an upcoming call or event.

post natal planning & natural healing

Assisting with planning your support systems before and after birth. Ensuring the community and support is there for you as a family so you can focus on this sacred time to bond and rest. Providing guidance in self-care practices specific to the mother's needs along with information for the partner or family in order to assist in self-care practices.


Planning can include but isn't limited to: identifying where/when extra support may be needed, clarifying boundaries, tools for nourishing self and partnership, work transition planning, and more.

​Contact me to learn more or inquire on availability.

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