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Blossom & Bond : 9 Month Motherhood Package

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placenta package

includes full placenta services and tincture​ 


baby natal chart reading

45 minute recording covering the key elements of the birth chart of your baby including themes of chart and compatibility notes between your personal chart and baby’s chart


in-person support

one pre-birth meetup along with 10 nights and 5 days of support post-birth scheduled at your desired times 


1:1 guidance calls

support, reflection guidance and nourishment in whatever area of your life is needing some extra love.

  • 45 min calls for first 8 weeks @ weekly

  • 45 min calls next 5 months @ 2x month 

  • 70 min calls final 2 months @ 1x month

postpartum connection course 

5 modules over 12 or more weeks, each with an audio lesson, meditation and connection practices


direct voice messaging support 

​ability to reach out to me anytime with questions, concerns or energetic support - responses will always be within 24 hours (often much quicker)

Why nine months?

Motherhood isn't a destination; it's a breathtaking journey of self-discovery and transformation. Just as your baby took nine months to grow within you, so too does your postpartum journey deserve this nurturing span of time. It's not about rushing through a checklist; it's about savoring every moment of your evolution, every ripple of realization and integration.


Feel deeply connected to your body, your baby, and yourself. Embrace the beauty of each phase of motherhood, from the tender moments of healing and bonding to the joyous milestones of growth and discovery. This is the essence of our nine-month journey together.


I understand the intricate dance of motherhood, from the physical demands to the emotional shifts and the spiritual awakening that accompanies it all. With personalized 1:1 guidance, I'll walk by your side through every step of your journey, offering unwavering support and wisdom tailored to your unique needs. This offering is more than just a list of services; it's a holistic embrace of your entire being designed to nourish your body, mind, and soul. I’m here to be your support on all levels (physical, emotional, energetic). Together, we'll cultivate a profound sense of self-awareness and empowerment that will ripple out into every aspect of your life.


This isn't just about surviving the postpartum period; it's about thriving in it. It's about reclaiming your power, honoring your journey, and embracing the radiant goddess that is re-born within.

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