self-care and healing facilitation

Assisting with and encouraging self-care practices specific to the mother's needs.  Providing information for the new mother's partner or family in order to assist in self-care practices and observation for signs of infection and/or postpartum depression, and more. 

Self-care practice examples include: soaks, napping, light massage/acupressure points, belly binding, steaming prep, etc.

Providing support and reassurance to mother during the breastfeeding process. Answering any questions or concerns around breastfeeding with evidence-based answers, sharing pumping information and guidance, providing books and other resources, providing references to other professionals as needed.

Preparing light meals/snacks that support the postpartum healing process. Giving insight on evidence based research around nutrition in the postpartum period.

newborn care

Guidance and insight on diapering, feeding, baby-wearing, bathing, comforting, bonding and more.  Introduction to and on-going support with Elimination Communication practices.

breastfeeding support and guidance

nutritional support

postpartum planning

This can include light tidying up, help with laundry/dishes, running small errands, etc.

post-birth emotional support/processing 

Answering any questions and listening to the birth story. Being there for the family as a listener and holding non-judgemental space and reassurance. Providing referrals to professionals as needed for further emotional healing.