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Postpartum Connection Circle

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Bringing a new little soul into this world can be magical and transformative time - but it can also be exhausting, intense, and more consuming than expected. The welcoming of a new baby brings new circumstances, dynamics and a new and expanding shape to your life and family. This group is a safe space for each participant to explore, share, connect and find inspiration to tap into their own intuitive knowing during the post-natal time. 


Groups will be held virtually for 45-60 minutes starting again in early 2023. They will be donation based with a suggested donation of $15-$30. Everyone is welcome regardless of ability to pay.

Circle Facilitators

Meet Circle Facilitators

Amanda Scharpf

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Amanda believes that a mother’s health, healing and wellbeing in the many months that follow  birth are integral for the entire family. As a mother, postpartum doula and healer her aim is to offer encouragement, guidance and a safe cocoon for mothers during the postpartum period to feel more intimacy and connection in all aspects of life. 

Jennifer Higgins

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Jenn is a licensed acupuncturist, a student midwife, birth / postpartum doula and a mindfulness based childbirth educator. She specializes in women's health for fertility, pregnancy, and pediatric care. She is passionate about health, medicine, and nature along with how the integration of these three things are keys to the care and health of women and children.

“We don’t have to do it all alone.

We were never meant to.”


 ~ Brené Brown

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